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Staff Directory


To contact staff and faculty members, please leave a voice mail message at (510) 537-1832. Extension numbers are listed below. Teachers will check their voice mail each school day and will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.


Principal, Ms. Doris DeLaTorre 4641
Secretary, Ms. Chris Heuer 4600
Attendance, Mrs. Lynda Nicholson 4640
Cafeteria Lead, Mrs. Kyra Bridgeman     4644
Building & Grounds, Stafont Smith 4645



Mrs. Andria Danko (K, Room 1) [email protected] 4601
Ms. Katherine Reneau (K, Room 2) [email protected] 4602
Mr. Steve Edwards (3-5 SDC, Room 3) [email protected] 4603
Ms. Robin Ormsby (2nd, Room 4) [email protected] 4604
Mr. Geoffrey Luce (4th, Room 5) [email protected] 4605
Ms. Holly McDonough (1st, Room 6) [email protected]    4606
Mrs. Kaoru Pang (1st, Room 7) [email protected] 4607
Ms. Tess McConnell (2nd, Room 8) [email protected] 4608
Ms. Lisa Patterson (Preschool SDC, Rm 9) [email protected] 4609
Ms. Marya Wesner (3rd, Room 10) [email protected] 4610
Mrs. Shelley Schumann (2nd, Room 11) [email protected] 4611
Mr. Charles Reynes (Science, Room 12) [email protected] 4612
Ms. Katie Jordan (3rd, Room 13) kjordan@cv.k12.ca.us 4613
Ms. Allison Auser (3rd, Room 14) [email protected] 4614
Mrs. Lisa Calderon (1/2nd, CVVPE) [email protected] 4615
Ms. Erika Gutierrez (4/5th, CVVPE) [email protected] 4616
Mrs. Darlene Metcalfe (5th, Room 17) [email protected] 4617
Ms. Amanda Santos (5th, Room 18) [email protected] 4618
Mrs. Jina Kim (4th, Room 19) [email protected] 4619
Mrs. Erika Camacho (Librarian, Room 20) [email protected] 4620
Mr. William Bichsel (RSP)
Mrs. Wendy Pham (Counselor, Room 21) [email protected] 4643
Mrs. Amy Valvo (RtI Specialist, Room 21) [email protected] 4621
Ms. Hiroe Lavllis (Speech Therapist, Room 21) [email protected] 4642
Mrs. Kerry Kukoyi (Psychologist, Room 21) [email protected]